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Transforming Stories into Success:
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Your Investment Paths

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About jake

From Bestsellers to Business Breakthroughs

Jake's passion for storytelling ignited early on. By 30, he had penned four bestsellers, with his debut work catapulting him to national stages and even an international speaking gig in China. But Jake's talents weren't confined to the written word. He founded the Pro Basketball Combine, aiding over 70 NBA aspirants in securing their dream contracts.

When the world shifted online in 2020, Jake adapted, crafting "The Elevated Entrepreneur" and spotlighting insights from 39 entrepreneurial luminaries. Yet, for Jake, books were more than tales; they were transformative tools for business. This realization birthed Big Idea To Bestseller (BIB) in 2022. What began as Jake's brainchild rapidly evolved into a flourishing enterprise.

At the heart of BIB lies Jake's firsthand experience of a book's power—not just as a narrative, but as a catalyst for brand growth and business elevation. Through BIB, Jake's mission is clear: to empower others to harness their stories as their ultimate business asset.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where We Are Today

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At Big Idea to Bestseller (BIB), the vision was clear from the outset: books are more than just words on paper. They're game-changers. Today, we're not just about helping folks pen down stories; we're about amplifying entrepreneurial journeys. BIB was crafted with a dream to empower not just any authors, but especially those high-flying execs and go-getter entrepreneurs. To them, a book isn't just a milestone; it's rocket fuel. It's about pulling in those top-tier clients, nailing those keynote speaking gigs, and making waves in the business world.  

We've always believed in pushing boundaries. That's why BIB isn't stopping at books. We're eyeing the bigger picture - diving into audiobooks, podcasts, and all things brand-building. In a world that's always on fast-forward, our mantra has been simple: Don't just move; lead.

Our core values? They're straight from our playbook:

  • Play Hard, Work Fun: "If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong."       Passion drives us.

  • One Big Family: BIB was built as a family. Every client, every story, is personal to us

  • Forever Scrappy: Our hustle is legendary. We've got that same fire, that same drive to innovate and conquer.

  • Break the Mold: We've never been ones to follow the crowd. At BIB, we're all about setting new standards.

  • Raw Truth: We value real talk. No fluff, just genuine, straight-up communication.

  • Champion's Spirit: Our journey has been about aiming high. Excellence isn't a goal; it's a standard.

  • Adapt and Thrive: We're always ten steps ahead, always aiming to be at  the forefront.

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Today, BIB isn't just a company. It's a vision come to life, helping authors and businesses shine brighter, one story at a time.

Ready to elevate
your business with a book?

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Let's chat! We'll strategize your idea, align it with your business vision, and see if BIB's the right fit. Trust us, if it's not, we'll tell you. Book now!

Ready to elevate
your business with a book?

Let's chat! We'll strategize your idea, align it with your business vision, and see if BIB's the right fit. Trust us, if it's not, we'll tell you. Book now!

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